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 [PS2] Crazy Taxi PS2CD

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PostSubject: [PS2] Crazy Taxi PS2CD   Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:11 pm

Buckle up - it's sheer asphalt anarchy! Crazy Taxi screeches onto the PlayStation 2 with one wild and hilarious jaunt. As a fearless cabbie with attitude, your goal is to rack up the mega-bucks before your shift ends. It's a race against the clock as you pick up passengers and peel rubber through busy streets and back alleys to their various destinations. To keep that meter collecting cash, you've gotta take the fastest route possible, even if it means bending the traffic laws - just a little. So get a grip on the wheel, sharpen your senses, and don't lose your cool.
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[PS2] Crazy Taxi PS2CD
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