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 [PS2] Silent Scope PS2CD

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PostSubject: [PS2] Silent Scope PS2CD   Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:59 pm

The Presidentís daughter has been kidnapped by a group of lethal terrorists and players must carefully neutralize these targets without injuring hostages or innocent bystanders. Thus begins Silent Scope, the console port of Konami's popular arcade shooter that features a plethora of missions in widely varied environments (including downtown, the freeway, and the sprawling estates). Players must also carry-out their objectives from various perspectives, including land, sea, and air while using an intuitive on-screen targeting system with a magnifiable scope. There are even multiple branching paths and additional modes developed exclusively for the home translation that weren't originally available in the coin-op version of the game.
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[PS2] Silent Scope PS2CD
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