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PostSubject: ***NINTENDO*** DS VS. SP   Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:27 am

i think it is time to sell my nintendo sp so i can buy a DS i have a few agmes to offer with the sp sell ill post a link in the buy sell trade section of this site so far i have been having good luck on with tradeing my box PC for a xbox 360 + a xbox 360 game & also selling my old school xbox with 21 games for 135$ thats good i think now it is time to let my gameboy SP go i am trying to trade all my games & the system with hookups for a DS ill see how far this gets me ... i have found a DS for 40$ all i need to do is hand over 2 GBA games it is a local trade wish me luck this weekend

ill keep u all poste

but check the video i found on youtube this is why i need a DS and not a SP Wink

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