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 A perfection turned into a tragedy

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PostSubject: A perfection turned into a tragedy   Tue Nov 06, 2007 2:09 pm

read this, and feel the sorrow within me.

A horrible tragedy....Kay, so, My comrades and I, went to go take out Metal Gear, a walking tank, at the PLANT. I took a sharp corner, and hid in a box...then i signaled David to move out...he turned a corner, saw a guard quickly ran back ....the guard had not seen him...David was one lucky son of a dick.
He decides to take the guard out from afar, with his scorpion-sub machine gun. David had not realized that another guard was just about 10 feet away from the first one. He saw everything that had happened. He contacted HQ, and asked for re-inforcements. The re-inforcements came from just behind David. Dave dives towards a truck, and quickly slides himself under it. The man doesn't see him. Dave, with all his courage, crawls out the other side of the truck, and shoot's the re-inforcement, in the back of the head. David didn't like shooting people in the back, he found it very un-manly.
I signal David to come hide in another cardboard box. So i could send out Jonathan. Dave, had gone through too much for today. I tell Jon that there are some crates he could climb up, to get to a higher ground. Jon did so. He finds a guard patrolling a room up where he had climbed to. Jon pulls out his combat knife, and gets the guard into a choke hold, holding his knife up to his neck. He asks the guard where the Walking tank is. He screams "dont kill me!"...Jonathan threatens him again. He says "in the hangar next door!" Jonathan, the worthy man he is, chokes the guy until he is knocked out. then tranq's him so he doesnt wake up and call an alert status.
Jonathan comes back to me to tell me that thats all the guards at this side of the plant. Jon tells me that he figured out which hangar has Metal Gear. We all move for the backdoor to the hangar. Jonathan tells me the story about his encounter with the guard on our way to the hangar.
We hop in the hangar. We start setting the TNT on Metal Gear.
We are interupted. The Big cheese , Gene, came out to tell us that we have failed. Around a hundred soldiers come into the hangar.
All of the sudden, Metal Gear starts to Move!!!.

I know what you're thinking....What the hell? how'd that happen?

One of Gene's Followers wanted revenge. and was gonna blow all the hangars up.

we detonate the TNT that we had planted, it makes metal gear immobile....all it can do now is spin in circles, and shoot at us... We all ran up at the same time, and planted TNT...I signal us to detonate on 3,


We won!!!

....after the smoke cleared.
we see Metal gear is still there.
it starts shooting. ...We all are out of TNT, what should we do!? We run around in circles look for more of any kind of weapon. hidden next to a crate and a pillar, was an RPG-7. I tell everyone to take cover....
I shoot the rocket propelled grenade....Metal gear is gone for sure this time.
Suddenly ...Gene.pops out out of nowhere
We hear helicopters flying off..Gene explains that the metal gear that we blew up was only a test model...and the real one just got taken away from the hangars by helicopter. He then tells my men that an enemy of theres is with in bumps into another, and he starts shooting thinking he is him....all hell breaks loose in the hangar.

Gene shoots at my men.
One of them jumps infront of me and yells "look out1!!!!"
Gene runs off.
I am the only one left standing.

All my men....dead....Jonathan, David, Cicada, EVERYONE....

why did Gene leave me....

Why did he take Jonathan away....he was my best friend! only friend....well other than david of course.

Jonthan....the perfect soldier....the man that hated to kill, but loved war.

Jonathan this is to you old pal...

The screen shot, of this horrible tragedy
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PostSubject: Re: A perfection turned into a tragedy   Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:11 am

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PostSubject: Re: A perfection turned into a tragedy   Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: A perfection turned into a tragedy   

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A perfection turned into a tragedy
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