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 Retro's X-Mas Deals make offers Old School Consoles + games

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Retro's X-Mas Deals make offers Old School Consoles + games Empty
PostSubject: Retro's X-Mas Deals make offers Old School Consoles + games   Retro's X-Mas Deals make offers Old School Consoles + games Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 2:25 am

i would like offers made or the hole lot or for console system with games i do nto want to part te systems out from the games but willing to do system delas with games... the main reason i am letting my collection go is for a PSP no low blows i know how much this will go on ebay or i will trade some stuff for Scion tC parts / mods if you want to look up my feedback on ebay my usrer name is imurnrg

I have these systems all working & clean as can be like new I also have a lot of games with the system rare games at that with all the cords & game pads to get going and play right away. This is the list of systems I have for trade/cash all game systems have 2 controller’s & 2 Memory cards N64 has 1 rumble pack

N64 , PSX , SNES , NES & Dreamcast (games only non backups real games)

With the NES I have these games

Excite Bike / Gotcha! The sport (Nes Light Gun Game) / Dr Mario / Mario Bros & Duck Hunt / Super Mario Bros 3 / R.C. Pro-Am 32 Tracks of racing thrills / Bo Jackson Baseball

With the Snes I have these games

Super Mario World / Donkey Kong Country / Super Mario Kart / Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / Final Fight / Star Fox / The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past /

With the N64 I have these games

Super Mario 64 / Mario Kart 64 / Pokemon Puzzle League / Wcw Now Revenge / Excite Bike 64

With the Sega Dreamcast I have these games

Rippin’ Riders / Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2k1 / Sega Sports NFL 2k1 / Sega Sports NBA 2k1 / (also a OEM controller in the box)

With the PSX I have these games

Gran Turismo / Driver / Namco Museum Volume 3 / Twisted Metal 3 / Test Driver Off-Road 2 / Cool Boarders 2 / Snowboarding / Monkey Magic / Spyro The Dragon / Crash Bandicoot: Warped / Harvest Moon Back To Nature / Nightmare Creatures / Hercules Action Games / Tenchu Stealth Assassins / more then 15 PSX mag demos

images will come later on if needed for proff there is to much to take images of right now but i will get around to it some time this weekend or on next friday

willing to let the hole lot go for a PSP with a game or a gameboy DS with a game or games jsut make a offer willing to meet 1/2 if you are in the bay area my consoles are like new & %100 working shape
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Retro's X-Mas Deals make offers Old School Consoles + games
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